Are you up for the 40 day no fear for real challenge?

There is a lot of fear being thrown around lately. Do you feel it? I do. Fear of violence, terrorism, immigrants; of our economy, lost jobs, lost freedom, lost way of life.  Fear of guns or losing our right to have guns. Fear of anyone not like us, especially in our bathrooms.agnes-intodark

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

There’s a part of me that gets it. Totally. I stood in my kitchen on Sunday morning in ignorant bliss of anything having gone more wrong than my sore knee after a run, clicked on my radio to its usual NPR dial, and in an instant my day totally changed.

My almost 14 year old daughters were with me, listening to the stories pouring over the radio waves; shots fired, gay night club, dancing, death, blood, hate, chaos, terror, 50 people, worse massacre in U.S. History. We watched the President and heard reports of Donald Trump sounding the alarm again to block all Muslims from entering.

We eventually turned it all off. A little while later one of my kids said “I’m starting to feel afraid to go anywhere anymore.”

Ya, I get it. There’s a lot of crap going down right now that seems to invite us to be afraid, and if we aren’t, then we really don’t know what the hell is going on.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. But what if we choose NOT to be afraid?

Years ago, when my husband and I were still newly married without kids, we went camping in the gorgeous redwoods, and invited my sister and her two young boys to come along. The first night they arrived, our peaceful starry skies and roasted marshmallows was alarmingly interrupted by shouts of “Bear! Bear! Bear in the camp!”

People ran, screamed and scrambled to get to safety. Peter threw water onto our fire as I helped my youngest nephew over to his mom and brother in their tent before turning to run and dive into ours.bear-281x214

Not 30 seconds later the bear was in our camp. We heard it, so close we could feel its hot breath. And then it was gone. As quick as it had come into our quiet, peaceful night, it was no more. I imagined it loping up the side of the mountain, wondering what it was feeling.

All the next morning, over the fire and throughout breakfast, there was talk of nothing else. “Will the bears come back? Why did they come here? Do they live here?  Do they eat kids? Are they hungry?” We took a little hike to help get their minds on other things, and for my slightly older nephew it worked. But the little one was having none of it.

Every few feet, his hand clutching tight to his mom’s, he would raise his small little voice and say “No beaw wanna eat me, huh mama?” And she, or me, or my husband would respond “Nope. Bears don’t like eating little boys.” Which would suffice for a few more steps, and then, “Those beaws don’t wanna eat me, huh Mama, they not gonna come back to eat me, wight?” And on it went.

We want, need even, to be reassured that those things, creatures, people and ideas, that are out of our control, outside of what we know is safe, will not be able to get us.

Years later, when one of my twin daughters added “Just bears” to her nightly prayer litany ~ “there are no monsters, no wolves, no polar bears and no “just bears” ~ there’s just mommy, daddy, siblings,  friends and family” ~  I didn’t think much of it.  Of course she’s adding bears to the list. They’re big, wild, scary animals. Just like polar bears and wolves.

The story of fear comes from patriarchy and it goes like this: anything or anyone you cannot control or know, ought to be feared. This is why dominance is a hallmark of patriarchy. It is the anecdote to fear. Dominate, control, assert power-over and you can eliminate or at least dramatically reduce, fear.

For my nephew and daughter, the wild animals represented the fear well. Wildness, that which is untamed and out of the cage, is scary, and not just for young ones. If it’s  not within the limits of my understanding, then it just might come out when least expected, and try to eat me.

So, we build up walls around the boundaries of our stories and try to live so that nothing out-of-control or unexpected can get through and threaten us. We grip hard at keeping it all in line; ourselves, our jobs, our families, our love life, our self-expression…pretending we got this.

Pretending, because the truth is, control is an illusion, just like the boundaries of those absolute patriarchal stories telling us who and what is wild (read wrong) and who and what is tame (read good). It’s all pretend, fake, a lie. That bear in our seemingly controlled campground environment was no more “wild” and untamed than we were to it.bear-oldsitting

It is all about perspective; about what you CHOOSE to see and believe about what is real. And the only thing, the only power that is truly real, is Love.

What happens, I wonder, if we choose to tell this story from another perspective? What if, for instance, we were to say “Bears, wolves and polar bears ARE just bears, wolves and polar bears. They are animals, just like me and aren’t out to get me, even if I don’t understand them and I don’t necessarily want to play with them.”

What if we did the same for, say, Donald Trump (this one is a challenge for me…). “Donald Trump is just a man. Like me. He is human, he is flawed and more than anything, he is Loved. He isn’t out to get me, even if I don’t understand him and choose not to play with him.”

Feels pretty good actually. How about trying it yourself?

How about for a 40 day practice? Join me, beloveds, in a 40 day No Fear for Real Challenge! Here’s how it works. Whenever you feel the pulse or pull of FEAR…the kind that leads to gossip, drama, anxiety, blame, victimization, hate and judgment…PAUSE…BREATHE and repeat: “This (fill in the blank) is JUST A (fill in the blank). Like me. It is not out to get me, even if I don’t understand it, and choose not to play with it. It (fill in the blank) is Loved.”  OR you can abbreviate with “JUST BEARS and LOVE!”

Post or Comment ~ email or otherwise shout out your doing the 40 day No Fear for Real Challenge and let’s weave our strength of LOVE together!!

If you want MORE of the power and potent mojo that comes from Re-Telling Patriarchal Stories, hit reply and send me a note requesting a time to chat about the upcoming 12 Week Summer to Fall experience of Re-Telling Patriarchal Stories!

We begin end of June (or early July) and go through the end of September (or early October)! Space is limited and it’s filling up! Go here to find out more info and/or, just give me a shout!

Here’s to JUST BEARS and LOVE!

AmyJo ~ also known as ama

More Than One-Sided Storytelling

Dearest Beloved ~

You’ve been living your life by a set of stories and guidelines.

You’re at a point where you’re asking “is there more?”

You’re repeating the same pattern over and over again.

You know you can’t keep going like this.

You keep trying to changes things, but you just keep repeating the same story.

You’re educated.

You’re smart.

You’ve got it together.

You’re just tired of going through the same thing and you’re looking for FREEDOM.

You want to ask for what you want.

You want your needs met.

You want to actually know what that is, what you want, and often aren’t even totally SURE what that is.

Making it that much harder to actually ask for it.

Up to now, you’ve lived your life like you thought you were supposed to, checked all the boxes, followed the directions of the story you were told.

But you’re not happy with the way things are.

You aren’t really satisfied and you feel guilty for wanting MORE in your life.


You feel like by now, at this point, your life should look and feel a certain way ~ but something is off.
You have all of these thoughts, feelings and ideas moving around in your heart and head, and they feel dangerous, scary, threatening even, becaus they are OUTSIDE of the boundaries of the stories you know. Of what you’ve been told is “right” or “good” or “the way it is.”

You want more that what you have.
You want to believe there is actually more than what these stories offer…but you’re afraid it’s not right to want the things you want.

You’re not even sure if it’s possible.

So you’ve found yourself shutting down, ignoring

your longings, working harder at believing the old stories to prove your life and the way you’ve lived it is right, keeping you stuck where you are and repeating the same patterns again and again.

  • You’re done.
  • You’re tired of this inner pattern.
  • You’re sick of telling these same boring stories.
  • They aren’t working anymore.
  • You can’t keep living in this way.
  • You want more.
  • You’re ready to tell a new story.

I’m here to help you re-tell your stories.  I know where you’ve been.  I understand the stories you’re telling yourself.  I’m here to help you look at them, pick them apart,  examine them and release them.

Because beloved being, as we look at stories in this way, they lose their power. When we look at your stories, you’ll immediately feel the stories loosen.

What do I know about retelling stories?

Well, the retelling of stories has been my life.  I’ve studied them academically; earning a graduate degree in biblical theology, women in sacred scripture and teaching ethics and religion at University for 10 years.  I’ve taught them to thousands of people as a university instructor, pastor & preacher, retreat leader, workshop and conference speaker and as a family and couples counselor. And mostly, I’ve witnessed my own stories, dismantled them, and changed my entire life again and again and again.

I believe there’s no such thing as one side of the story.chooseclouds281x100

The power of working with me is that you will learn how to CHOOSE which side you want to stand on as you retell your story.

The power of retelling your story is that YOU HAVE A CHOICE, and I will guide you to step into that power from Love and with compassion and grace.

The freedom that comes from your choice means thatyour vision changes ~ actually tangibly changes ~ and you begin to gain wisdom from the past and have compassion for yourself, your life, and for everyone around you.

  • You get authentic. You get real.  You take your power back.
  • You get clear on what you want.
  • You have breathing room to be yourself.
  • You have space to live a different way.
  • You find intimacy. You find connection.
  • You find your voice. You find yourself.

If you’re ready to re-tell your story, I would be honored to support you and guide you.


  • 12 weeks of release from old, limiting stories sourced from the patriarchal system of domination and power-over
  • 12 weeks of practice in learning how to retell old stories from a NEW side that YOU choose
  • 12 weeks of clearing space to get in touch with your unique essence that determines YOUR STORIES
  • 12 weeks of ritual practices that integrate beauty, JOY and meaning in your day-to-day life
  • 12 weeks of alchemically shifting the energy field of where you’ve been to where you want to go

During our time together, you will:

•know and name the stories in your “Narrative Closet” that need retelling

•learn a 6 step method of dismantling and disarming stories to retell and reframe

•learn how to use “more than one-sided storytelling” as regular practice of freedom and compassion

•identify your authentic essence and the unique medicine that is YOURS to bring to the world

•discover how to express and integrate your essence into your life roles, and/or shift and transmute your life roles

Over the 12 weeks you will receive:

•spiritual practices to integrate into your daily life (spiritual based out of the Oneness and Mystery – not any one tradition or system)
•rituals written specifically for you
•1:1 spiritual mentoring and storytelling activation
•enlightening insights and “head nourishment” – education that frees and releases!
•Reconnection to the moon, her cycles and mama gain’s natural guidance

The Details: The way it plays out

•7, 45-minute spiritual activation/storytelling sessions with Ama
•7 inbox deliveries of “head nourishment”
•7 inbox delivers of heart-play homework that guides you through the 6 step Narrative Closet process of retelling old stories
•special bonus offerings: spontaneous “Mind-Jams” group gatherings with Ama
•Private FB page to connect with Ama and other like-hearted beings on a similar path

This is not for you if…

  • you’re struggling with mental illness
  • you’re looking for a magic formula to fix your life
  • you like to rehash stories over and over again
  • you want to stay in your drama. This is a no drama zone.

I am down to FEEL it all with you ~ and am not afraid of, or recoil from strong, intense emotion ~ I am gifted at holding space for feeling that and then moving through it.
This is for you if… 

  • you’re ready to embody choice that is yours to have
  • you’re ready to take hold of a new story
  • you’re really done with the stickiness of repeated story
  • you’re finished with holding onto old hurts and wounds
  • you’re tired by being controlled by someone else’s story
  • you’re wondering how you bought into this and ready to get out
  • you’ve checked all the boxes and you’re wondering wtf is happening?!
  • you’re stressed, unhappy, have way too many butterfly tummies, and often feel a sense of chaos.
  • you’re DONE and really honestly authentically ready to retell new stories!

In the midst of a seemingly crazy time in our world…Donald Trump, violence, out-of-control greed, refugee crisis, poverty and hunger…

While hundreds of books and programs are offered as that one secret you need to have to get to where you desire…

I offer you my heart, my experience, my wisdom and my belief in the power of story and, in your complete ability to be your own storyteller for the life ~ and for the world ~ you want.

There are 13 spots open for this incredible journey ~emergence-beauty-reply
We begin the end of June and will go through the end of September. There are no fixed times; scheduling will be flexible to your.
Click reply to let me know if you want to talk more. There is no obligation to check-in and see if this is a fit.


In service to Love, in dedication to re-telling story & the freedom rising from it in purpose for a changed world, one person at a time.

love love love
ama ~ amyjo

Feed Yourself First!

Someone asked me the other day if I still considered myself an atheist? When AJ rockin' it!I responded with “Yes,” she wanted to know more. How is it that I can be an atheist and still consider myself a spiritual guide and mentor?

Excellent, fun question! One I think is important for all of us to ponder. In your personal self description and world understanding, and for our collective knowing. So here goes.

In the ancient-also-referred-to-as- biblical-Greek-language, theos means God. The idea of God or Gods encompassed in this word is of a divine transcendent sentient being who is above humanity and interacts at various levels, depending on the particular story of said God.Euro & Acropolis

There are a variety of different ways to express who is a theist: there are monotheists, who believe there is only one divine transcendent sentient being. Think Christians, Jews, Muslims. Then there are pantheists, who believe there are multiple divine transcendent sentient beings. Hindus would be among the ranks of pantheists, as would early Roman and Egyptian cultures. If you’ve read the novel The Red Tent or seen the film, it is a wonderful telling of what it was like to hold belief in more than one god, as well as the beginning stages of moving to believing in only one.

Samothrace angelThus, an a-theist is simply someone who does not believe in any divine transcendent sentient being who sits above humanity and interacts sporadically or according to laws, rituals and a set of rules.

In this definition, I am most definitely an atheist.

My friend then asked “So you still believe in a higher power then?”

“No. Not at all.” I responded. “I will never agree to the term ‘higher’ because I absolutely reject the philosophy that there is something or someone who is ‘over’ humans and somehow ‘better’ or ‘more pure’ and who has the good stuff we poor, lowly, blemished and marked humans need.

It struck me then, that this is my most potent message and has always been: There is no hierarchy of worth in terms of humans being beneath or below another kind of power who holds all the beauty, goodness and love…and who, if we humans “do things right” can appeal to receive some of it.

Rather, and this is critical, I believe and without hesitation claim that the truth is, the power of source, of the mystery of the life pulse that ebbs and beats with relentless continuation, is in – with – and around each of you.

IN you first and foremost. The power of universe, source, divine is IN you already. I consider the title which you or I use to describe it as less important. We are referring to that unseen energy of life force that creation is birthed from. It is the dust of the stars, the energy of the moons rays, the warmth of the sun, the oxygen of the plants and trees, the nutrients of the soil…this energy of life that pulses into every reproducing creation is first and foremost already, without you needing to do anything, IN you.

It is your birthright. By simply being…you are imbued with the divine life energy of source. There is nothing you have to do, no prayer to repeat, no ritual to consume, no rules to memorize and follow. You already have it naturally IN you.

You already ARE love. You already ARE beauty. You already ARE grace, ease, compassion, wisdom, truth, gentleness, strength. You already have ALL of that IN you.

Knowing this and believing it is the FIRST step to owning your worth and value. Give yourself LOVE first because it is IN you ready to open.

WITH you because every human being has it. It is WITH and alongside you. It is WITH the barista at Peets Coffee, it is WITH the parking attendant, the colleague on the elevator, the family member you are estranged from and WITH your dearest love. The mystery of source that moves IN you also is WITH every other creature and person. When you own and claim that, it alters your choices of how to react and interact, and allows space to respond and engage.

AROUND you because ALL of creation is FULL of the presence and potency of source. It is all around you in all that IS. In trees, plants, soil, animals, air, sky…and the knowing and owning of this truth compels you and me to honor in mutuality the need to give respect and love to ALL that IS. When we consume plants, animals and land, we do so knowing they are us and we are them… and again, it alters the way we live, interact and love.

This is the spirituality I practice and it begins with You First. Lovepen300Love You First. Honor You First. Rejoice in You First. Witness You First. Celebrate You First.

When you and I own and practice this…the rest…the WITH and the AROUND are a natural extension.

So what about SIN and DARKNESS of the SOUL and all the VIOLENCE, HATE and HURT?


I read an article the other day about a Lutheran Pastor who is making a BIG splash. She is tattooed and according to the BBC article, foul-mouthed. I knew her before she had chosen Jesus as the Christ. My husband and I went to seminary with her husband.

Reading the article, I felt the ugly pangs of jealousy stir in my belly. I heard the whispers of my own self doubt and fear say “she’s doing what you want to do and she’s doing it better.” I kept reading. At the end she remarks about her personal theology. (Remember, if theos means god, theology is the study of god…so her personal understanding of god and how “he” works is what she comments on). She states that she rejects what she calls “high anthropology” – which she defines as the liberal theology that pretends humanity is all good. Then she says “It can get pretty dark in there!” and so because of that, we humans need a savior that is above us and who has the antidote to the dark.wrong-way350x264

Wrong. I believe with all of my wisdom, trained academic studies and experience of humanity over the last 25 years, that the concept of SIN that requires a HIGHER POWER or BEING to fix us, is plain wrong. Unequivocally inaccurate.

Yes, bad shit happens. Yup. There is pain, violence, betrayal, lies and a whole list of negative, life sucking, joy depleting, beauty wrecking actions that humans practice and do.

And its not because we are born with a mark in or on us that requires that to be so.

You and I, he and she, they and them…each of us has AS
MUCH capacity ALREADY within us to CHOOSE…for building up and creating love, weaving beauty, practicing compassion and making space for each other to be seen. Everyday we absolutely CAN choose that path.

And we can choose the other… to tear down, to bad mouth, to gossip, whisper, slander, hit, kick, despise, judge, steal, lie and suck the energy of life away from each other. Absolutely.

Choosing YOU FIRST is the real antidote to that choice and going down that path.

The number one most consistent refrain I hear from people of ALL walks of life…is this: I am not enough. No matter what I do, achieve, succeed, buy or demonstrate…I never feel “enough”. And you don’t have to be a drag queen or otherwise “not culturally normal” to experience it. White, typically successful men to high power women to young gorgeous actors and models to my neighbor next door each feel the pressure of this old shitty story.

And it starts with the philisophical idea that there is something innately wrong or damaged about you as a human…And it continues with you and I believing stories told to us and singing songs that remind us that we don’t have it…some other “higher, better, more worthy power” does. And if you do “it” just right…you might get some of it.

Might. What a shitty, crappy story and it is NOT TRUE.

Choosing YOU FIRST is the real antidote to this b.s. story and to going down the negative, ugly path. YOU already have what you need to choose LOVE.scripture

The Bible – which is the sacred storybook I know as a scholar – and other sacred storybooks – are merely that: stories. Through which they explore the reality of life and the experience of what it means to be human. Some of it they get right. There are wisdom nuggets in these sacred stories… and there is misunderstanding, misdirection, power-over manipulation and radical human interpretation. All of which means, they got some of it wrong.

You ARE an amazing, beautiful, incredible being. Right now. Simply because You ARE. It is your birthright to know that IN you is the Source of Life. And it is WITH you and AROUND you.

How you choose to interact with YOUR incredible power is your CHOICE.

The stories that get in the way, that give wrong directions…that I can help you with. Give me a shout if you are interested in how I work with individuals, groups and organizations.

Until next week! Feed Yourself FIRST!

With much love,



Big Dream Summer

AJ&Rock300x211A colleague said to me yesterday “Where have your newsletters been? My in-box misses you!”

Good question. And thanks! I have missed you all too!!

The last time you heard from me, I announced an exciting NEW experience I was creating: “Girl Power Activate!” Then, I dropped off the face of the earth. Well, not actually. But it seemed like I went into a cave of silence.SLOWsign300x

I wonder if you have ever experienced this? Feeling like you know where you are heading…..and then realizing that to get there, you have to SLOW DOWN.

Which is really hard to do. Especially when our Collective Narrative Closet has story after story that praises go-go-go, do-do-do, get-get-get, show-show-show. “You want me to do what? Take time to SIT and….listen? To my own knowing?”SITcoverthumb300 (By the way…I am so happy to share a fabulous new book that helps you do just that: SIT and learn how to meditate. I happen to know the author very well. Believe me when I say this is the guy you want to teach you how to SIT and meditate. He has been practicing it since he was in high school, then became a monk, then an ordained pastor, then a spiritual director, massage therapist and is now discovering his Shamanic spirit. Ya, this is a book worth finding. Look for it here!)

So I listened to my inner knowing, and I stopped. And sat. Which led to some incredible connections within myself and, with a web of other women that is going to ROCK the world! Here’s how it went down. (Saying that makes me giggle!)

When I wrote to you about Girl Power Activate, I meant every word of it. Two other emails were written, edited and ready to go out. And yet, I knew instinctively that it just wasn’t the aligned time to send them out.GoodWife-investigator-nuhuh

Now I know why. Ya know how sometimes when you’re in the middle of a situation that seems confused, chaotic or maybe even dark, later when you look back you say, “Oh…I see why. It was there the whole time.”

“It” is the truth that between Universe and your own inner knowing, beauty and capacity to create – You are held. You are loved. You are worthy. You got this!

So, a few days after I sent the first email for Girl Power Activate!, a woman who is my dearest and oldest friend in my life, called me. We have one of those freedom-grace relationships that allows for little interaction and then when it does happen, we are right where we have always been. She was the incredible friend I wrote about in my book “Religion Made Me Fat”.

Her mom was dying; her mom who I had known most of my life. Her mom who had asked me years ago if I would lead her Celebration of Life Service when the time came. And it came. Days after I last wrote to all of you.package-575402_640

I flew to California, stayed at the gracious home of my former sister-in-law and spent 3 incredible days being the empty presence, Spiritual teacher, leader and ritual writer & leader I have always been, but who I had boxed up and put away.

When were you hurt so deeply, betrayed so harshly, that you took anything that reminded you of that pain and put it and the person you were then, away?

My story of wounds from the Christian Church and from people I loved in it, are real, valid and awful. Just as the stories of your wounds are too. And, they will heal. If you choose it. I stand here as a testament to the truth that You DO have all you need within you to have the life you imagine and be the strong, healed and loving person you desire to be. Yes, you can!

It does take time. It does require help and guidance. And, you can do it. If you choose. And I did. Choose. For me. For my power. For my true essence: a natural leader of leaders – wise woman story teller who understands ritual in her bones. Aauuooww!

That’s me, and, I am back baby! Fully. MORE fully than I could have been without all of that training, education, learning and experience – event the crappy parts. Which is where R.O.C.K. – Rituals of Celebration and Knowing comes in. After leading my friend & her family and friends in the ritual celebration of her moms’ life, it was abundantly clear to everyone, even me, that I needed to do this for others.

R.O.C.K. is about rocking you gently into and through any and all of your life transitions. Ritual brings meaning to our lives, and when you do it with intentionality, you will create spacious environments for change that builds up and benefits all. I have since written, woven and led ritual for clients approaching surgery, saying good-bye to a beloved home, grieving a miscarriage and writing the ceremony for their wedding. Look here for more of what R.O.C.K. offers. A note of deep gratitude to my friends and their family for helping me remember a critical and powerful part of who I am. Muah.

So what about Girl Power Activate? Oh ya! You are going to LOVE this! GPA has taken root, blossomed and is growing…into a BIGGER vision that I had only fantasized about. Seriously. This IS a dream I’ve had for years. And it is happening NOW!

girllookleft-200x300Dream #1: I want to co-create with other powerful, amazing women.

Dream #2: I want to stop competing with other powerful amazing women and start connecting and supporting them!

Dream #3: I want to build a for-profit business that behaves differently; that does business grounded in the Feminine so that money is valued and yet is not the bottom line.

Dream #4: I want to create an in-person event where powerful women who know the system is broken and want another way, can come together to learn how to live from the Feminine! And, I want that event to feature women who are doing their work from the Feminine who may not be well known, so they can be seen, witnessed and heard!

Dream #5: I want this company, organization, event and entity to GROW so that it is changing the WORLD! (told you, you were going to love it!)

Which is exactly what is happening!!AJ-womanlooking400x300

What is your BIG dream?

The one you’ve rehearsed in your heart and lived out in your fantasies?

You can moon-i-fest it to reality!

It does take time. It does require help and guidance. And, you can do it. I did!

Girl Power Activate! is proud and excited to announce its’ inaugural event happening in Northern California on October, 17 & 18!! Universe connected me to two incredible, smart, spirit-grounded, Feminine-rooted women who are my partners in this incredible adventure; do check out Sue Bevins and Lynda Nguyen. Check: co-creation/not competing.

The mission of Girl Power Activate! is to teach, lead and guide women to live all of their lives from the Feminine, and, to give stage, time and presence to women teachers, guides & healers who do their work from the Feminine! Check! Connecting, not competing! Check! In-person live event! Check! A for-profit that operates from the Feminine!

AJ-jumpinggirl225x300Girl Power Activate! exists to reconnect you with the untamed power of your little girl & activate her into your womanly life now! And, you will do it in connection with other women, reaching out to support each other so that together, we activate our super-Feminine-powers in a world that needs it!

More information will be forthcoming soon! Mark your calendars now. The event will begin at 8am Saturday morning the 17th and will send you forth into your Feminine powers on Sunday the 18th at 3pm.

There is MORE to share…about my storytelling, my sacred story recovery and how you can be part of a Sacred Storytelling Circle with me to learn about your own…. but that is gonna have to wait!

Universe is abundant

Life is an adventure

Sisters, let’s do it together… reach out our hands and shout!..”Girl Power, Activate!

Love, love, fierce love!

I like football (football weekend post)

I confess. I am a fan. Of football.


(Go Seahawamerican-football-63109_640ks!)
It seems odd and mismatched that I would appreciate this violent, bruising sport that literally does harm to so many individuals and their future.

On this Super Bowl weekend, where our nation celebrates the love of this game and will gather together to watch, cheer and yell at coaches and referees like we know better (ALWAYS cracks me up!)… On this weekend… I boldly ask “Why?” Why do I like it? Where did that attachment come from?

This is an important question. When in search of your authentic howl, the Why? And Where did it come from? question is among the most potent. Watch what happens when I pin-point something that feels out of alignment, and I take the courageous step to ask “Why?”

  • I like the power exhibited on the field.
  • I have always loved watching the ball soar over the heads of the players impossibly long and high, to be caught, inexplicably, in the hands of another at the entire end of the field. This still gives me chills.
  • The strategy, the plays, the movement of this silly little ball down the field with a powerful force facing off, daring you to try and get past them is exhilarating.
  • When my dad watched football, he was home. With me. With us. It was one of the few non-religious, non-church things I did with my dad on the rare Sunday he wasn’t making house calls, leading a meeting or teaching a class. Which was all too rare. So on those Sundays when he stretched out on the couch and turned on the TV, I knew we had him to ourselves for at least a few hours. There we sat, munching on popcorn and apples, watching football. He taught me the game & would yell, cheer and as I reflect on it now, step out…just a bit…from his “I am a religious leader” mask. For those few hours on as many Sunday afternoons…the authentic, natural essence of my father was released. No more was he “Pastor Bob” or “Community leader” or “God’s representative”…he was simply my dad.

I feel the slicing cut in the telling of that truth; that most often my dad chose God, the church and other people as a priority to me and his authentic self expression. He wore that mask nearly all of my life.truth-257160_640

There is pain there. A deep wound. I wonder if you have one of those? A deep wound that is buried somewhere within your spirit, memory and soul? One too touchy, risky or painful to touch.

When we take the courageous step to ask “Why is this story in my Personal Narrative Closet? Or wonder “Why do I like this so much? Why does it seem important for me to show up here?” we often find these deep wounds.

Most of you have one; an injury that was inflicted on you by another that happened during your childhood; when that person who was meant to protect you, love, guide and nurture you, didn’t. They just didn’t.

They. Did. Not. Protect. You. They chose something or someone else over you.

My dad chose God; missing entirely that I was standing right in front of him yearning for his eye to remember and see me. For I was and am today…Goddess & Divine One. So are You.

A client of mine tells the story of being taught to fight & be tough. “If you think someone is going to hit or threaten you, punch first,” she recalls her dad saying. When she did, they chose the system over her. Rather than stand for her right to defend herself, they agreed she would be punished.

Trust was broken. That one event runs deep. It has informed other stories in her Personal Narrative Closet that continue to stand in the way of her right to fully be herself; blocking her from seeing herself as Goddess & Divine One. It has interrupted her marriage & obstructed her ability to receive abundance.

The wound you carry inside your body & spirit broke the sacred trust in the story that the universe is your playground to frolic in and tend with love and sharp wit.

To ignore the wound, is to invite infection. Changing band-aids does nothing to heal it. In fact, it holds in the dirt, sickness and pain…allowing it to spread. It is always the wrong choice to ignore the injury. Always.

It is wrong in the game of football, when a player is hurt and instead of taking him out of the game to heal fully, he is bandaged, braced or shot-up with cortisone to be sent back in to play.

It is wrong in any profession, relationship or field of play on which you find yourself. As a pastor I was hurt badly by a supervisor and instead of taking me out of the game to be nurtured, heard and healed, I was told to “get back in there!” and prove

What a crappy story that is: “Prove your strength and worth by getting back in the game, no matter how injured you are.”

To be blunt – that’s a bunch of B.S.

Wounds ignored or bandaged don’t heal. They need to be prodded, cleaned-out and opened to the air of your whole self. The minute you say “Yes” to putting your finger into that wound and really feeling the pain… Your Bad Ass mojo gets stirred to life!

You are Goddess & Divine One. Man or woman, it matters not. You ARE the stuff of the stars, the soil of Earth. You ARE Her. The primal goddess is within you, yearning to release your Bad Ass Howl into the world and your life!

Be Your Own Bad Ass 6 month group-&-private mentoring play-gram WILL guide you there! BYO Bad Ass leads you through this raw, messy and courageous process of exploring your wounds so that you finally, completely release their energy and heal into your howl power!

You are ready for BYO Bad Ass Play-gram if you are:

  • tired of caring around old hurts that continue to fester in your spirit
  • sick and damn tired of asking the same questions and repeating similar emotional healing programs while still feeling stuck, unsure, sad and angry
  • in deep desire to hear the truth and feel the pain…to own ALL of your Bad Ass Power
  • yearning to find a circle of like-minded, courageous, no-whining-allowed powerful people who are done wasting time and ready to speak up, speak out & shout their truth
  • ready to make 2015 the Year YOU show up in ALL of who you are & learn how to let your Bad Ass mojo and howl lead your decisions !

Think about it. Journal on it. Wonder what it would be like to join me and an intimate circle of women and men who are ready to make BIG change. And then listen. To your body. To your inner wisdom. Feel into it.

BYO Bad Ass is not your everyday personal development program. It’s a play-gram that sticks the finger of freedom deep into the wounds that keep you from releasing old crap so that You will finally run the length of Your field, catching the unreasonable dream you have to make it real!

You. Goddess. Divine One. The primal goddess within you is ready to howl loud and shake your Bad Ass mojo on whatever field you are playing!
Give me a shout out in one of two ways:

  1. Copy & Paste into the subject line “AmyJo! I am a Bad Ass & I want to know more!” and send to my email here. Ask a question or request a conversation. I will get back to you within 36 hours.
  2. Post or send me a creative expression of your howl and/or the memory you have of your primal wild essence! This can be a poem, song, piece of music you love, an inspirational quote, a quote from a novel your adore, a cover of a book, a symbol, picture or simply burst of color! Include your contact info and I will get back to you in 36 hours!

The circle is expanding and I am telling you, BYO Bad Ass is an incredible, potent group of already-bad-ass-moving men and women. Take the risk and say Yes to stepping into the Bad Ass Circle!

Over the 6 months there will be:

  • special guests & experts to teach and lead in areas of release and body-work
  • readings & writings of others to explore more deeply where we receive our Collective Narrative Closet stories
  • Me! Showing up FULLY in ALL of me; my priestess self; my academic intellectual self; my badass truth teller self; my patriarchal system expert self; as the holder of the container of fire, Love & fierce compassion.

You are invited soul brother; bid you enter sister…to the embrace of the container that is Be Your Own Bad Ass: Clarify Your Purpose – Own Your Passions – Direct Your Future.

What will you write on the mountain?

Last Sunday where I live, the universe conspired to beckon me and many others outside; to take, in the middle of winter, deep breaths of fresh, warm air. Snow still on the ground, the temperature climbed into the 60’s. My husband and I chose a hike up a nearby mountain-side that offered a well tended trail on which, it happened, I met a fellow Bad Ass.

I did not see her or him, yet I strongly felt the howling energy resonate from the traces of the fingertip they used to write their Bad Ass Declaration in the snow.

“Fuck You Cancer” stood bold, beautiful and oh-so-fulFU-cancerl of ALL that person determined IS going to be their story.

My husband saw it first. As I came around the corner he stood still, quietly pointing. My eyes followed his finger down toward the gorgeously sparkling snow. First I saw the words that our old stories typically tell us are not okay; are vandalism, a desecration. Then, the New story blossomed up from the sun drenched glistening snow. In an instant my heart and spirit understood with bold truth; that this was not a desecration but rather a Bad Ass howling for ALL of LIFE consecration.

Writing this Bad Ass intention on the mountain, the ground of Mama Earth stood in testimony that there IS Mystery beyond what we can predict, measure and control. There IS a movement of life that WILL NOT be limited, drowned-out or reduced by ANY outside stinky, crappy old story; even those going by the title of cancer! Aauuooww!!

What is your Bad Ass Declaration for your life?

What old, limiting, fear-filled story are you ready to tell to “F-Off?”

You have a bad ass howl inside of you. I know it is true, because the Mystery & Movement of the unknown life force is IN you. You ARE the mountain. The mountain IS you. In you IS the stuff of the sparkling sun on snow; the strange and unreasonable truth of a winter day combining frozen ground and warm, caressing air!

We are groomed to think we need more than what is already within us. Many of us actually have an old story that tells us what is in us in naturally damaged or bad. Whatever Your stories are that tell you that, it is NOT true. You have within you ALL that you will EVER need to be 100% AMAZING, strong and Bad Ass! The way to stir up that mojo is through INTENTION.

Wpath_castlerockwinterhat will you write on the mountain this year for your life?

Take the courageous step to open up your howl and get your bad ass mojo going with me and an intimate circle of other Bad Ass women and men who are setting intention to make 2015 the Year of Their Howl! Join me in my one-of-a-kind 6 month group/private mentoring play-gram “Be Your Own Bad Ass: Clarify Your Purpose – Own Your Passions – Direct Your Future!”

You will be led with passion, expertise, play and love as each week you will step into stories that have limited you and kept you small. Every-other-week we circle up virtually to dive into stories we share in our Collective Narrative Closet where I get to show up in my role as expert in theology, myth and ethics! These are going to rock and stimulate your intellectual and spiritual world! The other weeks you and I join up to go into your Personal Narrative Closet to identify and name those stories unique to your life. You will learn to see patterns, use Critical Irreverence and be taught spiritual practices to reduce and dismantle the influence these stories have in your life. Ultimately you will edit, rewrite and clear out your closets – designing them for the life YOU CHOOSE!

Oh yes! This is going to be SO FUN! I am excited for all of you who are sending in your self expressions of your howl! Videos, a song, poetry, an inspirational quote, a raucous Amy Schumer link! – they are ALL amazing! Keep ’em coming – and remember to INCLUDE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION so we can set up a time and way to talk about details & logistics.

Here’s to YOU & Your Bad Ass Declaration!



It’s Your Turn!

I believe in the power of Bad Ass-ery, Bad Assdom, Bad Assology.

Bad Ass Energy and Essence changes the world, creates space & alchemizes the old, limiting stories into new narratives of YES!

Martin Luther King Jr. was a bad ass. He lived from his authentic howl. He owned his voice and expressed it without apology – even when it was dangerous.MLK

Bad Ass energy and essence is inside of you. It is the mojo that guides you to choices & risks that you have wanted to make and take for years…but haven’t.

You are waking up; hearing the call of your inner howl. You sense the movement in the whispers of your spirit. You feel it in the cauldron of your belly.

I heard it too. As a child…and all throughout my life. Is that true for you too?

After my first year in college, I did not want to return. My spirit chaffed against the boundaries and limits I had learned I needed to live within to be accepted. I would do anything not to go back.

And I did. Go. To Africa. To famine. To work at a feeding camp in Ethiopia. To smell stenches I didn’t know could be real. To cover bodies of dead children and parents. My heart stretched & broke. I returned home restless, knowing, and totally at a loss.

In my absence my younger brother had recorded a televised event honoring Dr. King. We watched it together, and after I tucked him in, I journaled…writing, seeking, begging really….for answers. “What was I here for? Why did I have so much to give and no room in which to give it? Why did I feel everything so much….pain, love, lust, anger? How could I possibly do anything with my future that made me happy and changed the world?”

Somewhere in between consciousness and sleep, he came to me. Dr. King. In the flesh. I felt his breath. He stood looking into my eyes…knowing me: ALL of me; my fears, desires, my passion. He spoke my name. “AmyJo. You are Me. It is your turn. Go and do.”

Fellow Bad Ass Peeps, I share this story with you (that I have only told to my most intimate circle) because I believe you too have had visits, visions and pokes from other bad ass people and energy throughout your life. You have been invited more than once…to Go and Do: To wake up to your reservoir of passion, talent and experience; To wake up to your howl; To source your work, love & life from ALL that is already in you!

itsurturn-AJI can help get you there. I so deeply believe in the power of your bad ass energy and essence and the need for you to release it into your life, that I have created, written and played into a 6 month combined group & private mentoring program. Just for you. For your bad ass self to show up in ALL of your intense, dynamic, non-conforming, always-a-little-different essence that is your unique howl!

You have been looking for a guide to show you how to make your BIG dreams and visions real…and here I am.

You have been searching for someone to show you an alternative path that is lit on fire by your own igniting passion, that interacts with the mojo of other bad ass women and men. I can show you the path and weave the web of community that will hold your fire and welcome its energy.

If you are ready to finally put an end to old crappy habits of self sabatoge…

If you are fed up with the mean inner voices that whisper defeating words of “Do you really think you can do that?…”

If you are done listening to others say “You cant’, you shouldn’t, you don’t know how, you don’t deserve it…”

Then “Be Your Own Bad Ass: Clarify Your Future – Own Your Passions – Direct Your Future” is for you.

damesofbadassdomHere’s howl it’s going down!

  1. The 6 month program will begin Monday, February 9th.
  2. Between now – the day of dreaming into your bad ass essence – and January 9th – I will be inviting you to consider if this bad ass play-gram is for you.
  3. If you think, feel or sense it may be…please send me one of the following: poem, video, graphic symbol or picture, music, sculpture or other creative expression that Remembers Your Howl & Bad Ass Essence….and a short statement of why you want to expand it even more! Aauuoowww! This is all about playing in creative fun & re-membering.
  4. Include your contact info so that together we can jump, dance and shimmy into releasing more bad ass energy and essence into the world!!

Go here for the detailed information on “Be Your Own Bad Ass: Clarify Your Future – Own Your Passions – Direct Your Future”. On this page you will find the deets of the playgram, howl it will change your life (and it will…this is not for the faint of heart!), and what you will receive each month.

My “Howling Loud with AmyJo” radio show will be all about “B.Y.O. Bad Ass” tomorrow at 2pm PST…LIVE at You can also listen to archived mp3s that you can find on my show page by scrolling down to my gorgeous mug and clicking to the full page!

It is Your Turn.

The Time is Now.

I await in grounded knowing the moment I get to meet you and your bad ass self!

In fiery love,


What does it mean to have a howl? Can it sound like “bullshit”?

My hubbie and I had just recently moved back from NYC and were again on the West Coast with family, feeling like we had walked into a warm blanket of comfort. After giving birth to our first child, it felt delicious. Now a year later, in our tiny starter home, we had settled…literally and figuratively.

Settled… for sharing one full time pastor position so that we could take care of our son.
Settled… for sharing one full time pastor position because we had been without a call for 6 months and were afraid, without money and an uncertain future.
Settled… in a city neither of us had a passion for, but it was close to my parents and well, comfortable.

So there we were, eating dinner in our first house with my parents over, when a youth from our new church stopped by to say hi. At some point in the discussion, while we were shooting the breeze, I said the words “pissed off”. Later, after the young man left, my dad questioned whether or not I should have used that language.

“People are going to be listening to your every word, watching your movements and you have to set a model and be above reproach.”

I still remember the warm feeling of shame as it spread across my face, tinged with a tiny pulse of rebellion.

I enjoy cursing. Always have. Never once did I consider “pissed off” cursing, which made it even worse. If that was going to get my parishioners panties in a bunch, I was in trouble. The message was clear, as it had been my entire pastor’s-kid life: suppress, pusswearingnativeamericanh down and limit your self expression.

It may not seem like a big deal; cursing is, after all, bleeped out of dialogue and removed from most TV shows and entertainment.

Maybe I shouldn’t use expletives at all… and still, that ought to be my choice. And, if I choose to go ahead and say, write or otherwise utter the word “shit” – I will be responsible for accepting the consequences.

That is my howl. Honest and authentic self-expression and the maturity and will to stand firm in swearingbookactivating it in the world thoughtfully and with responsibility.

It was when I was a Peace Corp Volunteer that it really opened up for me. I was living in West Africa, half way removed from anyone or anything who knew me or even remotely cared whether or not I said “shit, f*ck or damn”. In fact, shit was actually used to describe, well, shit.

I experimented with language, allowed myself freedom to feel what it would be like to say words I longed to utter – to put various combinations together – to assess how it was received and if it made me a bad person (as I had been told).

The end result was that no one really cared. There were far more serious issues to confront and handle. I grew into a mature, professional, smart, bad ass woman who chose the words that came out of her mouth.

My howl is not does not entirely equal the other. It IS the open freedom to use it when I desire to, on my terms and within my commitment to taking whatever comes as a result. And I do. My husband and I have had many conversations about it. It has opened up learning for all of us – and now – as my kids move into teenager-land, it’s even more exciting.

PaulOne of our favorite family films, “Paul”, has, hands down, the best cursing scenes ever. Kristin Wiig’s character evolves from an indoctrinated, sheltered right wing Christian to an open minded young woman who plays with her freedom in the expression of language and cursing. The others in the group, experienced cursers themselves, guide and critique her as she learns her natural, powerfull, freefull howl! The more she comes to know herself, the more she determines what she says, does and chooses.

Which is exactly what it means to get your howl on and discover what it sounds like in your own life.

There is not one sound, volume or level for a howl.Howls are as diverse in kittenmewingvolume, intensity, language and style as there are people. The sound of your howl reflects most authentically who you are. Deep down inside. Who you have been. Since you were born. What you have loved, liked, been drawn to and gets your motor revving. That is your howl.

It’s not that I had a deep desire to curse when I was a babe. Cursing is not the howl. It is that ever since I was a babe, I have had a deep desire to express openly and honestly what I wondered about, saw, observed and felt. Without reservation. I have always, most authentically, wanted to be…Real. Truthfull. Open. And sometimes a well placed “bullshit” is just the exact right sentiment.

Cursing is one expression of my authentic howl. So is singing, swaying and moving my body to music. So is laughing, guffawing, and otherwise belly expressing humor and joy. So is asking questions, challenging absolutes and innovating new ways.

Each one of these got me “in trouble” when I was a pastor. For each one I was advised to “tone it down” or “reign it in”. Has that ever happened to you? Were you told to quiet down or keep it to yourself?

Finding your howl is: seeing those old stories that told you to change and how to adjust so you could fit.

Re-membering to your howl is: getting curious about them to take them apart and release!

Igniting your howl is: activating your honest, authentic, powerfull self expression in your world!

You have a howl, and it is alive and well!

It is alive and well!
Want to Let it Out?! 

I have two howling invitations for you to do JUST THAT!

First, on Tuesday, December 2nd at 3pm I am launching my weekly radio show “Howling Loud with AmyJo!” SO AMAZING!
Hear stories of courageous people just like you who re-discovered their howl & those who work to expose the lies that get in the way of our howls! Stories, inspiration, connection! 

You can listen live at 3pm Mountain Time or download on demand!

Second, I have prepared an incredible, on-fire, totally HOT howling program for 10 women ready to roll into 2015 howling loudly!

Are you 1 of the 10 who will journey for 6 months with me in a sacred & irreverent group of like-minded, bad ass women who will:
-Discover old stinky stories

-Learn practices, tools & proven methods of releasing them AND
-Write your own for the life you want!! WHILE
-Meeting, connecting & creating a safe, raucous community of strong intense fabulous women!!!

If you feel a flutter of possibility, a tinge of rebellious energy, a sigh of feeling held in a community you yearn for….SIGN UP NOW for a FREE Empowerment Breakthrough sessions I have open for this very purpose!

  In this 50 minute session you will:

  • identify the top 2 – 3 most potent stories in your Narrative Closet

  • clarify your future desires

  • assess if this 6 month journey into YOUR HOWLING LIFE is for you!

Your howl is your most valuable asset. Learning you have one and expressing it fully is key to a life of real passion, play & purpose! Aaauuoowww!!! 

Your howl is your most valuable asset. Learning you have one and expressing it fully is key to a life of real passion, play & purpose! Aaauuoowww!!!

What would it be like to own your howl?

At this time of year, mama earth beckons you to turn-in & tune-in to who you are and what you really, authentically want. What will you create and step into in 2015? From the depths of your inner howl, what do you want? And if you don’t know, what are you doing about it?world eye

When my clients tell me how lost they feel, I hear them deeply speaking the pain of not knowing what they really want, or who they honestly, authentically are.

My client Cameron Nguyen is an example. At 27 years old she was frustrated with where she was at in her life, yet didn’t know how to make any change or where to begin.

“It felt like a nagging, annoying weight on my body that I couldn’t shake…reminding me that something wasn’t right, and I had no idea how to fix it.”

Can you relate to Cam? There was a time in my life when I was right where she was. I had finished grad school, married an incredible man and moved across the country to begin my career. Everything should have been perfect, except it wasn’t. And I didn’t know why.

Not knowing what you want, or who you really, truly are, is exhausting, confusing and hurts like hell. Some symptoms that you might want more but not know how to get it are:

  • anxiety
  • inertia
  • overwhelm
  • loneliness
  • active inner mean-girl-gremlins

Here’s what I know is true. Since you were a tiny child, people in your life have given you stories that tell you who you are and who you ought to be. These are the stories that tell you what it means to be good, to look appropriate and that tell you whether or not you have done well and are valuable. These stories are given to us by our parents and as we grow, we receive them from teachers, coaches, religious leaders and cultural traditions and norms.

take a risk, change is what you do
The end result is that Sistah, you have a lot of old stories in your metaphorical narrative closet and not all of them fit.

Cleaning out the clutter of this closet is the first step into owning your truly authentic, amazing howl that has been covered up for too long!

It is your time to open up, look at the old, cruddy stories holding you down and keeping you from knowing who you are and what you deeply desire. It is my howling passion that you uncover your own howl, see what has been in your way and activate it in your life!!

Look what this 6 month program did for Cam! She discovered and was able to howl:

  1. what she wanted
  2. the truth of why she didn’t know it before
  3. her inner, natural howl & how to stay in-tune with it
  4. and use practices and tools to use to create her own activation plans
  5. with daily rituals that kept her on track, in line and ready to play!

She applied for and took a new job in a city she discovered was more in line with her essence, made more money that allowed her to move into a home she adores. She even adopted a dog, which she’d dreamed of for years.

Beautiful lovely you, is it time to open the doors of your narrative closet? To be guided with playful irreverence and wisdom to seeing your old stories? To uncover and expand your truly awesome natural howling self and giving permission to show up big?

you are of infinite worthThis is the time of year to ask, to wonder about the next step and creating the life you truly desire.

To that end, I am offering FREE Empowerment Breakthrough Sessions to those of you who feel a stirring in your body and a flutter in your tummy.

From now until the end of the year I am opening up 15 Free sessions that will:

  • Identify your 2 to 3 most potent stories
  • Outline an activation plan to step into your howl
  • Assess if you and I are a universe match to move into a 6 month journey that will activate all of you!

“Own Your Howl – Empower Your Life” 6 month program is a game changer that I am offering you with a special gift!

Sign up now for a FREE Empowerment Breakthrough Session and you will be gifted with my one-of-a-kind Virtual Winter Solstice Calendar that gently, lovingly and with potent joy leads you into and through the holiday season. For 40 days, beginning November 16, you receive in your email inbox a daily meditation, story, inspirational message or gentle challenge.

Sign up to explore if you are ready for 6 months to Own Your Howl and Empower Your Life and add the beauty of having someone walk with you through this beautiful, engaging time of holiday season.

Additionally, if you are in the first 5 fabulous creature peeps to sign up for a FREE Empowerment Breakthrough Session, you will receive a discount of $200!

Why not find out if this is your time to own your howl and create the bad ass life you deserve!

Loves, this it the time, this is the season, I know you have all the wild, amazing capacity within you to create the life you desire and feel the strength of your power. I am ready to guide you there!

Fear the Masks

What is the scariest mask you have ever worn?Chicago-DiaDeLosMuertos2014

My kids start planning their Halloween costumes in August. When they were young, my husband and I were both Lutheran pastors & we didn’t have a lot of extra income or time. Thus began the tradition of making our own costumes; one now taken very seriously.

I love watching them explore their internal psyches as they decide the person they will create for themselves…exploring how being something or someone else will look adorned on their body and reflected in their face.

Each year as the parade of kids troop up and down the sidewalks of our neighborhood and I place treats in bag after bag after pillow case…I am disappointed in the Target, Walmart and online costumes and masks. They aren’t much of anything but cheap expensive mass produced crap… especially the scary masks. Overdone bloody gashed rubber is not really scary at all.

Have you ever put on a mask that made you or someone else afraid?

mask-149000_640The truth is, the Freddy-Kruger-grim-reaper-vampire masks are not the masks that instill trepidation, or cause lingering anxiety. It is, rather, the masks worn day-in-and-day-out, put on and adorned so that you can be the person everyone expects you to be. Ugh. These are the fearful masks.

What does your mask look like, and, where did you learn how to wear it?

I had many masks that were given to me as a child, growing up in a small northern California town where my dad was a pastor and everyone knew it. I had the good girl mask, the friend to everyone mask and the my family is serving the Lord so I don’t care about having the cool clothes mask. ( I really hated that one).

My sister and I were recently reflecting on just how lasting these masks have been in our lives, even as we grew into professionals, mothers and spouses.

The mask with the smile that never ends
The mask with the bobble-head nod of agreement
The mask whose eyes are always looking to meet the needs of everyone else
The mask that never shows anger, speaks bitterly or curses

Do you know any of these masks?

These masks last so long in our spirit and cell memory because they come to us as part of the stories we were given as kids, the stories that told you who you were, how you ought to think, behave, and how you needed to look.

A client of mine living in Ghana recently told me that his most powerful story given to him as a child is “Don’t wash your dirty linens in public”. This particular mask has an unstoppable smile with eyes that never actually connect with anyone because if they did, you might be forced to admit all is not well. “The lips remain closed”, he said, “because you should never ask for help, even if you are hungry.”

These masks are truly scary because they limit your potential, quiet your voice, and keep you repeating cycles and habits that harm your ability to create the life you honestly desire!simple mask?

Seeing your mask is the first step to taking it off.

  1. Notice your body response throughout the day in different situations. How do you feel when you were asked to go the extra mile, again? What happened in your tummy when you ran into the old co-worker at Peets? When your chest tightened, what was going on?
  2. Ask your inner howl, “What part of that interaction was out of alignment for me?” Give permission to hear any response. There is no wrong answer.
  3. Take inventory of the way you show up (permasmile, happy voice, nodding head, nervous laughter…) and connect the dots to the events around them.
  4. Keep a “Journal of My Mask” on your Evernote, Pages or note pad and notice the patterns.

Using these 4 short, simple steps will bring clarity to why you feel disconnected, anxious, unsure and searching. As you notice the patterns, identify the way it looks on your body and how it is reflected in your face.

You will surge with power as you face the truth of your face; choosing for yourself, every day, what story you will put on and how you will reflect your authentic howl to the world!


News from AmyJo..

  • Revelation Boost – One hour blasts of insight and truth-telling in my Revelation Boost Power Hours! These are so fun and your response is amazing. Sometimes it’s enough to be listened to so fully for one hour that you can move into a decision or solve for a question knowing what you want and do so with inner power. These are not a sales or marketing call. The $97 is for YOU totally.
  • 6 Week Launch Your Life! Launch-Your-Howl! – program that is right for you if you are at a turning point in your life and are unsure how to navigate it. People come to me for this when they have a big decision to make or have felt unsure about how to handle an on-going situation or relationship. It is quick, focused and results oriented.
  • Upcoming EduFest “The Apple that led to the Cherry!” Series…launches Monday, November 4th!! Ever wonder why our society is so crazed around the topic of sexuality? Why women are blamed when they’re abused, raped and sexually harassed? Why is is there so much shame around sexuality? Listen in on this awesome series that begins next Monday! 50 minutes of saucy, honest and academically grounded insight and info to this powerhouse story that has impacted MUCH in our culture and society!