Dearest Beloved ~

How often have you heard the old patriarchal story “That’s just the way it is. You can’t change it.
It’s always been that way.” ?

I recently read about Zero Point energy and the basics of quantum physics.
I laughed. I giggled. I very nearly shouted “I knew it!”

Which is true. I did know it. Always. In my bones. In my blood. In my heart.
I knew that there never was such a thing as “the way it is”.

During my years as pastor I heard this story a lot.
“But Pastor, it’s just the way it is.”
“We can’t do it that way, because this is the way it has to be done…has to be seen…has to be heard.”
“We can’t let them in, because that’s not the way it is.”

I hear it now in the Presidential election in my country ~
“We can’t do it that way, that’s not how it works, who we are, what it means to be American.”
“We can’t agree to that because “they” aren’t right, aren’t the way it works, the way people are supposed to be…”

This is a BIG, JUICY old patriarchal story that absolutely, positively NEEDS to be RETOLD!

It sounds like this: “There is a right way to do, see and be and this way doesn’t change. It shouldn’t change.” The story wraps up telling you that “You don’t like change. Change is hard.
Change is a sign of instability. Do whatever you can to keep it all “the way it is.”

WooWee, Yessiree ~ this one is a doozee.

It’s one of the insidious, sneaky old stories that gets into your heart, mind and spirit without you knowing.

change sadnessMaybe you’ve heard yourself saying something like “I don’t do change ~ or ~ change and I do not get along.”

I heard it from a beloved just the other day. She said “I don’t do well with change.”
I invited her to pause for a moment to see if we can retell it another way. She agreed.
“What if you tell the story like this: Change is happening all the time, and some of it I really love and thankful for.” We talked about some examples of how this is true. She brightened.
We went on retelling it: “Some change feels uncomfortable, and, I know that change is actually an indicator of life, so I can more easily surrender and go with the flow.”

She smiled. “Wow, that feels so totally different.”

Think about it, beloveds.

  • What IF…there is nothing that is static or unchanging? What if…there is nothing but potential, possibility, opportunity?
  • What IF…there isn’t just one way to order ourselves as society?
  • What IF…there is more than way to be a woman, a mother, a lover, a daughter?
  • What IF…there is more than one way to earn a living, make money, receive abundance?
  • What IF…there is more than one way to tell the story of value, worth and what it means to be enough?
  • What IF…there is more than one way to tell the sacred stories of divinity, spirit, redemption and forgiveness?

I am here to tell you that there IS. Without a doubt. Without question.
Science is catching up to what the ancient sages, shamans, wise women and priestesses already knew…there is no such thing as “the way it is.”

There is always ~ ALWAYS ~ more than one side to every story! Which sounds so simple, and yet, is a tidal wave of insight to the old system that gave you one set of stories and guidelines to live by.

We were all given a set of patriarchal stories to order our lives around. It’s the way we were taught to see and understand the world.

You’ve done all that these stories told you to do.
You’ve checked the boxes ~ earned your degrees ~ put in the hours ~ climbed the ladder

You made the appropriate promises ~ said “Yes” to all the necessary invitations
You held up and supported the institutions the stories gave you as right, correct, “the way to go.”

  • You paid attention and learned “how it is”
  • You are smart
  • You are educated
  • You are used to doing it all right
  • Lately you’re wondering if there really is such a thing ~ a “right way” to live, to be…fireworks window

You’re looking at your life from a perspective that asks a lot of questions
“Is this really all there is?”
“If I did it all like I was supposed to, then why don’t I feel better, freer, happier?”

“Why do I still wonder if I matter? If I’m good enough?”

You find yourself reading, wondering, searching for new ideas ~
You’re asking “Can there be another way?”
You feel like you’re edging closer to a precipice that feels a little dangerous and exciting ~

You want to look over and see what else is out there…
You fantasize that there are other stories, other possibilities, other options for you…

And you’re on the verge of taking that seriously and finding them. Finding YOU. For REAL. And risking the possibility of LOVING YOU ~ once and for all.

You’re ready to write, tell and embody a NEW story.

I am here to help you do just that ~ to tell a new story. I know the stories you have lived by and I know how to retell them so that YOU are the author of the stories YOU want and believe for your life.vanilla-flower-300x60

What do I know about retelling stories?
Well, the retelling of stories has been my life. I’ve studied them academically; earning a graduate degree in biblical theology, women in sacred scripture and teaching ethics and religion at University for 10 years.

I’ve taught them to thousands of people as a university instructor, pastor & preacher, retreat leader, workshop and conference speaker and as a family and couples counselor.

And mostly, I’ve witnessed my own stories, dismantled them, and changed my entire life again and again and again.

And I’m doing it again now. Through my incredible One-Woman show that retells the sacred patriarchal stories of scripture from the side of the feminine. “From Eve to Me” is the result of Re-Telling Patriarchal Stories!

The powerful, potent and playful results of what happens when you take the RISK to Re-Tell old, well-known and largely accepted patriarchal stories is UNLIMITED!!

Now is the time to do it beloved!

  • Because the universe is primed for evolutionary change and shift ~
  • Because the summer months moving into fall harvest is naturally aligned for blossoming ~
  • Because I have space to give my energy, wisdom and knowing to YOUR unlimited possibilities at this
    potent time ~
  • Because there is no such thing as a right story, right way or anything ever being “just the way it is.”

Beloved, I am inviting you to spend the next 3 months with me ~ ReTelling Patriarchal Stories and ReShaping Your Life to reflect YOUR awesome, authentic essence.

  • As my nation, the United States, enters into an unprecedented Presidential election
  • As many hear and respond to the fear inducing rhetoric of walls, scarcity and keeping the “other” out
  • As violence erupts in our neighborhoods, airports and schools
    As terrorism seems to grow closer to a common experience
  • As ~ As ~ As… YOU can choose another way.

We ~ You ~ have the POWER to ReTell these stories in a new way, for a new practice and a new life!

What you do absolutely matters to the overall flow…
What you do absolutely matters for your life…
What you do absolutely matters because YOU absolutely MATTER.

There is still time, plenty of time, to spend these summer months with me ~ to invest in a new way ~ a new world ~ and to learn a process that will change the way you interact with everything.

When we slow down ~ time expands ~

Take your time beloved ~

Is this aligned timing for you to release, let go, shed the power of the old patriarchal stories and learn how to retell them from a practice that is grounded in LOVE and COMPASSION?

Is the giddy freedom that comes from retelling old stories a desire your heart seeks to receive?

If you’re really ready to re-tell your story, and no longer rehearse or rehash them, then I am here and ready to support you and guide you. (ReTelling Patriarchal Stories is a Drama~Free Zone. If you are tired of the sticky, icky crap of staying stuck in old patterns…this is for you).

Enrollment ~ Stepping In ~ Getting Started begins NOW. The 12 week count starts when you say Yes!”

If you feel ping’ed, called, energized or even challenged ~ reach out to me for a “is this a fit?” chat!

There is endless possibility when we SEE the old patriarchal stories as JUST STORIES and learn how to RETELL them from our inner, natural wisdom.

Details of this valuable, potent offering are below! Love ~ Light and FREEDOM to you beloved!


  • 12 weeks of release from old, limiting stories sourced from the patriarchal system of domination and power-over
  • 12 weeks of practice in learning how to retell old stories from a NEW side that YOU choose
  • 12 weeks of clearing space to get in touch with your unique essence that determines YOUR STORIES
  • 12 weeks of ritual practices that integrate beauty, JOY and meaning in your day-to-day life
  • 12 weeks of alchemically shifting the energy field of where you’ve been to where you want to go

During our time together, you will:

  • know and name the stories in your “Narrative Closet” that need retelling
  • learn a 6 step method of dismantling and disarming stories to retell and reframe
  • learn how to use “more than one-sided storytelling” as regular practice of freedom and compassion
  • identify your authentic essence and the unique medicine that is YOURS to bring to the world
  • discover how to express and integrate your essence into your life roles, and/or shift and transmute your life roles

Over the 12 weeks you will receive:

  • spiritual practices to integrate into your daily life (spiritual based out of the Oneness and Mystery – not any one tradition or system)
  • rituals written specifically for you
  • 1:1 spiritual mentoring and storytelling activation
  • enlightening insights and “head nourishment” – education that frees and releases!
  • reconnection to the moon, her cycles and mama gain’s natural guidance

The Details: The way it plays out

  • 7, 45-minute spiritual activation/storytelling sessions with ama
  • 7 inbox deliveries of “head nourishment”
  • 7 inbox delivers of heart-play homework that guides you through the 6 step Narrative Closet process
    of retelling old stories
  • special bonus offerings: spontaneous “Mind-Jams” group gatherings with Ama
  • Private FB page to connect with Ama and other like-hearted beings on a similar path

Love, Love, Love beloveds,