Bravo! Honest. Inspiring. Real. Raw.

Riveting from the moment she comes onstage, Eve’s name is one of the most well known from a story that three world religions claim as part of their origin story. AmyJo Mattheis, the show’s writer and performer, breathes mesmerizing and raw snapshots into the lives of these women whose names we may have never heard, but whose stories we know. They are part of the canon, though a disputed part. There is no dispute about the nearly consistent standing ovations at each of the shows at venues around California and in New York.

One year anniversary celebration on the 12th of March at the Monkey House, in Berkeley, CA!

Beginning on the playwright’s birthday, last year, the show filled the tiny venue. Since then, the circles have expanded to include SHE Living studios, and art venues, retreat centers and sacred events celebrating Love as the Source of all.

From Eve to Me is a one-woman show that retells these ancient stories through the voice of the Feminine, cracking your heart open and revealing the truth that we already have the creativity and power to write NEW stories for the world we want to create!

The collection of stories presented in “From Eve to Me was created over AmyJo Mattheis’ professional life as an ordained pastor, university professor, non-profit executive and as a mother, daughter, lover, partner, friend and citizen of this world and universe. In this masterful performance, AmyJo skillfully
guides her audience through an experience of ancient sacred stories from the voice of the feminine that remaps the shape of how we have been told to view the world and be in it; shifting the painful stories of domination, scarcity, FromEvetoMe pullquote1separation and control to a tale of abundance, co-creation, sensuality and unity. This transformational work retells the stories that divide, separate and breed fear in our collective consciousness, inspiring all who see the performance to become cultural and societal change agents.

Here’s what people across the nation are saying about “From Eve to Me“:

 “A Tsunami-Sized Ripple into a world desperately needing a new story!” Alicia, CA.

“This was a profound, transformative experience, not just a show or a story. AmyJo’s offering is moving, raw, provocative and heart-opening.” Chris B., NY

“The combination of AmyJo’s scholarship, years of experience, skills and deep believing in how it was, allows her to transform a very old, limiting and often degrading story, into Love, allowing us to see More than One Side of the Story.” Brenda, CA.

 “I had no idea what I was getting into when I came to see From Eve to Me. It has opened my heart and given me something I didn’t even know I needed. We have to get this out to more people, and now is the right time to do it!” Renee, CO.

“Mesmerizing. Energetic. Honest. Empowering. Inspiring.” Heather, CA.

“Damaging patriarchal stories were re-told in a way that was actually healing; no one was made wrong. It was truly an opening up to love.”  Brian, CA.

“I laughed, I cried, I grieved the pain of all women who were never able to share their stories, or who were never witnessed for their truth and love.  Thank you to AMA for bringing these women to life, so we might see them in a different way.  Finally HERstory is being told!” Cindy Ma, Founder and Host, SHE Living TV. Berkeley CA

“Bravo! Honest. Healing. Real. Raw. Grateful for the level-setting, re-orienting story of Eden. An important call to action!” Lauren, CA.

“To say I was captivated the moment AmyJo started speaking, would be an understatement. She has a real authentic gift for creating meaning through metaphor and every sense of my being was wrapped up in the words she spoke, as she told the spiritual tale. Time stood still, and it felt as though we were all holding our breath…watching, waiting as AmyJO relived the story and made it understandable and real.” Karen, England

“AmyJo is riveting as a sacred storyteller. As she weaves the story, she transports you back in time and into the thoughts and emotions of the main character so that you too, experience the event on a visceral level. I was mesmerized during her performance and have reflected back on her teaching numerous times.” Bonnie, Indiana

From Eve to Me” is riveting! In AmyJo’s telling of each ancient story, something was awakened within me. Tears streamed down my face often as something deep inside of me opened and remembered this truth that longed to be spoken.” Elana Auerbach, CA.

“From Eve to Me was riveting from the first line.  AmyJo holds your hand and never lets go as she leads you through poetic encounters as different Biblical women who slowly conform to a world that moves away from the original purity of Eden.  The final woman is herself as she rediscovers the transcendent essence of the feminine that is ultimately liberating.  Everyone will find something to connect with in this beautifully written story and stellar performance that ultimately offers a window into our times and our own potential.” Cynthia Harrison Barbera, Oakland

“AmyJo’s performance “From Eve to Me” is a direct journeyinto the depths of our being. Through her masterful storytelling, she created vivid images which came alive and resonated deeply in my mind and body. In this, I was led to find answers and wisdom in regard to life long held questions, concerning the roots of my existence.” Bernhard Maaks, NY.

“AmyJo brought me to new heights and depths with her stories, but her songs opened up worlds for me…. She evoked in me my own story that is as yet unborn and re-membered me to truth of love, abundance and unity.” Susan Pasternack, NY.

“AmyJo’s performance touched me on so many levels. It brought me back to the truth that I came from Love, abundance and unity and also reconnected me to the water in a way I have been missing since childhood.” Annie Baatz, NY.vanilla-flower-300x60

“Thank you AmyJo for awakening me to the power of being able to retell stories and to re-perceive life from many points of view. Thank you for enabling me to ‘want’ to re-imagine and tell outside of the box; to find the joyful, hopeful stories, to re-member and remember back to the primordial resounding reverberating moment.” Barbara Uhrie, NY.

“Rivals any Broadway presentation. Much more than entertainment! I identified with all the characters, leading me to conclusions about who I am and who I can still transform into.” Monica S.,  NY.

“AmyJo rocked my world so hard; her stories and songs carried me into an altered state where I could only feel love, abundance and unity. She gave me a new way to approach my heartbreak and I left feeling hopeful and inspired.” Sue N., NY.

“Amy Jo’s “From Eve to Me” was vivid, captivating, and deeply thought provoking.  Each story presented a beautiful representation of where we’ve been and how we may reclaim love, feminine power, and heal our disconnection by once again living in a state of unity—truly welcoming, respecting, and celebrating the gifts we receive when living intimately amongst a diverse community.  Amy Jo’s storytelling was mesmerizing, and I was swept into each character’s story as if it were my own.  As the stories unfolded I realized, it was not just Amy Jo’s energy, love, and warmth that moved me, not to mention her keen intellect with a breadth and depth of knowledge that was impressive, (I was lucky enough to have had a conversation with her after the show), but these stories were my story, all of our stories. I laughed, I cried and left with a renewed sense of hope for the future.  I didn’t know what to expect when I agreed to attend, but I left with the belief that everyone should see this show at least once.  I can’t recommend it highly enough!  If for nothing else, it’s inspiring to see a powerful model of how we can move through this world with respect, humility, and love.  Thank you, Amy Jo, for reminding us of our power to recreate our stories!” Paula Caplan, NY

“A Commanding Performance; a Provocative Re-telling of the stories of key women in the Bible, interpreted from a woman’s perspective. Thus, we experience the wisdom, strength and power of these women, in spite of the oppressive impact of Christianity and Patriarchy.” Henry R., East Bay

“Brava for re-telling these sacred stories in explicit, expressive and empowering ways. I came away feeling energized and hopeful; affirming and appreciating the re-emergence and demonstration of the divine feminine, the Goddess and feminine power.” Harriet Tubman Wright, Oakland

Love, Love, Love beloveds,